How did I get here? The Beginning.


 My initial walk with God was filled with more downs than ups. No, I didn’t have any life threatening experiences but I was dead inside. I was saved, but sin ruled my life. I was a slave to my fleshly desire with little to no restraint. In my desperate time I would reach out to God for help, but I never waited long enough for Him to answer. I became an impulsive sinner.

    I know! I couldn’t believe it either, I convinced myself this is the way of life. How depressing right? needless to say I was miserable, double-minded and lost. I knew God didn’t want me to live that way but how do I live life in the spirit? I did not know how to walk in the spirit let alone living life in the spirit. So I finally surrender to God for deliverance. My deliverance gave birth to this blog.  Don’t worry I am not trying to sell you tickets to a conference or recommend any books to you except the Bible.

  My help is free! And I promise no strings attached. I know that sound weird in this culture but that’s the true, free, free and free. I want to help anyone who feels like they just can’t get it right, the one who’s stuck between wanting to live a life for God but finding it impossible. You know what I am talking about, feeling buried alive, being kick in the gut and doing the same thing over and over knowing where it will lead. Yep! I know the feeling. Welcome to my blog.

    This blog is for you and everyone else you know. The goal is for you to overcome sin and live life in the spirit. What I want for you and I is spiritual growth accompany with laughter, tears and reflection. Sound crazy and impossible right, well it’s a good thing our God does the impossible. Nonetheless for that to happen it will take honesty and transparency about where you are in life. In other word, you have to trust God with your mess, insecurities, short comings and most importantly with your heart. Why? because out of your heart flows the issues of life. So get excited about what God is doing in your life now and the future to come. Don’t forget life is a journey and we can’t do it alone so comment and share this blog. Stay Bless 🙂