Should I still be reading the Old Testament 🧐

Up until a year ago, the old testament was old news to me. I never truly invested in the studies or thought it would be helpful in my generation. Blinded by my own wisdom, I said bye bye to the old testament and hello to the new testament. For awhile now I was pretty okay until I realize there were some holes in my doctrine. During the time that I would study the new testament, I find myself not understanding the roots of the scriptures the writer would use as reference for better explanation. After years of not truly understanding the bible, I finally asked God to give me the desire for his word, to study the whole Bible. As I began to read the old testament, I begin to fully understand the new testament. The old testament filled in the gap or the areas that I didn’t understand. Overall, I develop a much more appreciation for the bible. Therefore, I wholeheartedly believe all believers should read the old testament and the new testament. I want to hear from you family, please comment below if you think we should read both testament or not. But before that, here are my reasons why you should read the old testament.


  1. The old testament is God’s word
  2. The old testament was written for us as an example for what is to come in our generation
  3. We can learn from their success and failures
  4. Jesus is in the old testament
  5. to learn wisdom, knowledge and navigation for life

I hope this post was helpful to you. Stay bless 😊


  1. Absolutely agree! It’s a necessity. Almost every book in the New Testament makes reference to the Old Testament. To know God more is to read both; as He is the God of the new and Old Testament. A God that never changes.x

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  2. Knowing that the old testament is the other half of the two witnesses found in revelations how can I not explore the entirety of the Bible. It’s all God breathe!!! Great read and reminder the whole book points to Jesus!!

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