My name is Lookha Albert, Haitian-American, Wife and a mother. For the years that I have been a Christian, I was never confident that I was saved. I would be 60% sure today and 30% sure tomorrow. I was a lukewarm Christian, and living life for my own pleasure. I end up making a lot of mistake but God has restored me and set me on a new path. As a result I re-dedicated my life to him, and hoping to help other believers along the way.

In this blog I will be posting about overcoming sin and what that looks like, living a life pleasing to God and is it possible, faith, the world, the struggles of being a Christian, temptations, sin, the last days, and so much more.

What People Say

Living a life pleasing to God is impossible, you can’t stop sinning, we’re not perfect, God will understand, you no longer have to follow the commandments, and God is not real. You get my drift, people will say a lot of things.

Let’s build something together.

The Bible has the answer to all these question and so much more. Jesus has given us the full picture of God, the veil is broken and we now have access to the father through him. Therefore nothing impossible and with the help of the Holy Spirit you and I are equip with every good thing to do God’s work.