Life in the Spirit

Living life in the spirit is not impossible; for it’s always been God’s plan for you and I to live life pleasing to him. If that’s your desire, sign up for weekly post.

life in the spirit according to scriptures:

Those who live life in the spirit are united with God in the spirit through Jesus. They live a life pleasing to God by walking with him. They mind are no longer set on things of this world but instead above. The Holy Spirit comfort them, guide them and lead them to all truth. The word of God is a lamp to their feet. They have an hunger and thirst for righteousness. They understand faith without works is dead, for works is the evidence of one’s faith. They die to self by carry their cross daily as they pursue godliness character. They seek after the fruits of the spirit in every season. They are filled with the spirit which result in gratefulness, singing to the Lord and speaking to others in psalms and hymns. Lastly, they understand Jesus made peace with God for them and hope others will be reconcile to God as they did.