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Let’s go back to the future.

Life can get so crazy with all the million things you have to do, that you can begin to feel as if you are not living life to your full potential. You start to feel like everyone else around you are living, except you. That was me couple of month ago, I was a lost puppy chasing its tail. One season I would know what to do and the next season I didn’t know where to begin. Feeling lost is frustrating and uncomfortable, however; I never stop asking God about my purpose, the meaning of my life and how to walk in it. Fun fact! you will know if you are walking in your purpose.

I recently receive a revelation that finding your purpose is a journey and not a one-day event. Meaning, God reveal your purpose in stages, and as you grow in him, he began to reveal more of it until the final scene.  When you know your purpose life feels different, you see things different and you approach things different. And I can finally understand what that feels like today as God has revealed his purpose for me. Now, before this revelation, I participated in different church ministry, such as Sabbath school, bible study etc., but I was not complete. Even so, those ministries all play a part of discovering my purpose, which is to be a witness.

A witness consists of sharing the Gospel, your faith, the word of God, his ways and his requirement. I used to think every Christian can wake up and be a witness because they want to, but now I realize it is God that call the individual to witness. You and I can’t witness in our own will, or strength but instead it is the Holy Spirit that empowers us and make us bold to step out even when we are in danger. Jesus told his disciples they will receive the Holy Ghost with power and then they shall be witnesses of him everywhere. The apostles would go to different cities because that’s how they were able to preach the Gospel in their time. Now in the 21st century the internet is one of the best way to share the Gospel, so I am witnessing to the world the way that I can.

Are you a pastor?

I am not a pastor or would claim to be one. I am just sharing the good news about Christ through my social media with every opportunity I have. I want to encourage believers to live a life pleasing to God by living life in the spirit. Reminding the world that judgement day is coming and hoping they will accept the truth. The Holy Spirit has also giving me spiritual gifts that connect to my purpose such as teaching, prophesying and encouragement.

When you are not being intentional about your life, the enemy will convince you that you are not living your best life. I lived in the past for the most of my present life, wishing things could be as they were once was. An easy life, I used to say. I used to say, I missed my simple life, no marriage, no children, no responsibilities and little to no conscience. During that time I taught I was alive, believing I was living my best life. But I never felt more alive until I started walking in my purpose. So I ask you today, what is the best life, is it when you’re single, rich, famous, married, having children or none of those things. You see, just because you have these things mention doesn’t mean you are living the best life or vice versa. Living your best life is not based on these things for they are just by product of living in purpose.

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What’s your flavor?

We all like a particular flavor and I don’t mean chocolate or vanilla, but instead I am referring to the different type of distractions that are keeping you from living for God. By definition distraction is when something is preventing you from giving your full attention to someone or something. The worst type of distraction is the one you don’t even considered as one, you’ve become so distracted that you eventually become lost. Your distraction can be social media, relationship, wealth and even church ministry. The consequences of that is less time with God, backsliding to sin, and not living life to the fullest. I am writing this post because for years I have been distracted and in those years the same thing I described happened to me and I pretend not to notice. I am hoping this post will shine some light in your current situation.

  • Distraction can come from church within your ministry. In the gospel of Luke, Jesus went to Martha and Mary’s house for dinner and while Martha was busy and being distracted by all the work that need to be done in the kitchen, Mary, her sister was at Jesus feet listening to him talk. Martha question her sister and was concerned to why she would leave her to do all the work, and Jesus answered, Martha has chosen well. As an old ministry leader I used to overwork myself, neglecting spending time with God because of the work that need to be done. Sabbath was no longer a rest day but instead a working day. My ministry became a distraction for me, so I was everywhere at church except with God.
  • Busy life can also be an distraction. You make time for what is important to you. I used to complain about my spiritual life and how I felt so distant from God. However, I made time for my husband, children, friends, social events and definitely social media. The reality is, I had time for everything and everyone except for God and the reason is because I didn’t want to. I was okay with a long distant relationship with God.
  • Relationships can be a slippery slope to distraction. The bible tell us to not be unequally yoke with unbelievers and urges us to understand that light has nothing in common with darkness. The wrong crowd will lead you down the wrong path. If you are hanging out with people that live to sin and have no remorse then you most likely will be influence to do the same. Because of my desire to be close with God, I had to make certain adjustments in the relationship I have with others.
  • Wealth, fame, and social media. The world will promise you that if you work hard then you can have wealth, the followers along with fame. You begin to do things that compromise your values and morals just to have theses things. As a result your value starts to depend on having these things instead of it coming from God. You forget how easy these things can be gone, so you gain the world by losing your soul.

To sum up, distraction is all around us which can make it difficult to live for God but not impossible. That simply mean living for God is for the poor, the rich, the famous, and the regular folks as long as you are walking in God’s purpose.The bible says, a time is appointed for men to live, to die and to face judgement, so we all have a set time and in that time, God has giving us a purpose. The things of this life can bring you closer to that purpose or further away from it. Always remember your purpose is tied to God, you find God and you will find your purpose. Please leave your thoughts. Don’t forget to like, and click the follow button. Stay bless 😊

The scripture for this post: II Corinthians 6:14 Luke 10:40-42 Hebrews 9:27 Ecclesiastes 3:2

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Look mom, I can fly now.

After my husband and I got married in 2014, we started thinking about increasing our family; we were already a year in our marriage so we decided it was the right time to have children. I started thinking about what type of mother I would be, the cool mom, strict parent, in-between, or a Christian mom. I never extensively taught about what it mean to be Christian mom, assuming it would come natural to me since I am one. In my early years, I did grow up in a Christian household but my parents never talk about the sinful life, what it means to love God and living life in the spirit. Now, I am not blaming my parents, because maybe they did know how to talk about these things or even reach that part of spiritual growth, who knows, but I am a parent now, so no guilt trip.

The type of relationship I have with God now as a parent is different from when I was single and when I got married. I now begin to understand God from a parent point of view, which takes my relationship with him to a different level. When I became pregnant with our first son, Logan, I prayed for him more than me as expect, and yes for him to be healthy but most importantly I desired greatly for him to be saved, to be a man of God. I used to always say to him, be happy, healthy, and saved. With our second son Abraham, I became pregnant when my husband recently lost his brother and we were all over the place dealing with grief, but God knew we needed our Abraham, a man of faith. I tell you this story so that you know, my intention for my sons to be saved started in my womb.

To the world, parenting Christian style is not consider the best option, until something happen then we all need to pray for God to intervene. Don’t get me wrong they are some Christian parents who miss the whole point of being a believer so other believers gets the bad report for it, but I am here to remind you that not all have gone astray. To continue, I want my children to know God and have a relationship with him, but I won’t push that on them, instead I want them to know him they own way. Nonetheless, I still have to do my part as a mom by planting seeds, watering them and pray for a harvest. My hope is for my husband and I to be a living example for them, to show them the right way and also the wrong way. I am not saying to intentional fail so your children can see that you are not perfect, but instead to show them that if you fail, God is faithful and willing to forgive.

The way you portrait God to your children can influence the type of relationship they will have with him now and in the future. If your child see you not spending time with God and yet still claim to have a good relationship with him, then that’s how they will associate the meaning of a good relationship. They will grow up thinking, this type of relationship is acceptable to God. This is not to say your children are doomed based on your relationship with God but to say that you are shaping the idea of who God is in they mind. As a result, you are teaching your children that God can save you but not change you which is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Another example is, committing willful sin in front of your children especially when you have instruct them otherwise. Your children need to see the gospel is alive in you from your words to your action. I can still remember till this day that my grandmother is a woman of prayer, why, because she prayed with me every morning growing up, she prayed whenever we had problems and always reminded me that God is with me. My grandmother taught me the power of prayer, and eventhough I lost my way couple of time I always came back.

To conclude, God is so amazing that he will give everyone an opportunity to have a relationship with him regardless of the background on faith. Aren’t you glad that no one can take that away from you, I know I am. Children are a gift from God and he is trusting you to guide them. You can’t save your children but you can point them in the right direction. As scripture tell us faith comes by hearing the word of God from his messenger and the great news is you are your children first messenger. You are the one to tell them that the Christian life is not easy, to encourage them when they faith are weak and to remind them of the promises of God during the difficult time. My final note to you is, parenting is hard so this post it not to guilt you or criticize your parenting style but instead to reflect on our duties as believers who happens to be parent, so cast those negative thoughts out and be the best parent God has called you to be. Stay bless 😊 and don’t forget to comment, like and definitely share this blog.

Scripture for this post: Romans 10:17, 3 John 1:4, James 1:17 Genesis 1:28, Isaiah 54:13, James 1:22